Benefits Of Cedar Log Homes

Log homes have become very popular among people because of their benefits when compared to other types of constructions. These are beautiful, blend very well with the natural surroundings since they are made of natural wood and also come cheap. It is very easy to maintain them and their cost of renovation is very less. Log homes which are made of cedar have certain distinguishing features that differentiate it from other type of log homes. Some of the main qualities and benefits of building a cedar log home are enumerated below. Generally the log homes are made of pine log wood. However, when compared to cedar wood, pine wood has two and half times more moisture content than cedar wood. This has been proven scientifically. Excess moisture content can lead to a lot of other maintenance problems. One big problem with using wood that has high moisture content is that these tend to crack over time. This is because the wood keeps losing moisture and hence loses shape, thereby leading to cracking. By using cedar wood in construction of a log home, such problems can be avoided. Generally, the cedar wood used in construction is of a class called as Northern white cedar logs, which are of superior quality. It has the capability of providing natural insulation to your log home and hence maintains the internal temperature all round the year. This is because the R-value of cedar logs is 1.41 inches of thickness and its thermal mass factor is 3.78 which are distinctly superior to any other wood.

Cedar wood is considered to be more durable than other woods, even when it is in contact with the ground. This was proven by an independent study undertaken by the University of Maine which studied the natural durability of common species of wood used in construction. It involved evaluation of the corner posts and rail fences by the surveyors. It was found that the posts and fences made of cedar wood were still in good condition even after more than fifty years! So a cedar log home can really last a lifetime. Apart from this, cedar wood has architectural and artistic benefits over other types of wood. Cedar log homes will not decay because cedar wood has natural preservatives that make it resistant to rotting. It is also known to repel the insects.

Given these benefits, it makes sense to plan for a log home that is made of cedar wood. And there are many manufacturers that offer good quality cedar wood for log homes. Some of these are Ward Cedar Log Homes, Maine Cedar Log Homes and Kathadin Cedar Log Homes.

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